Heading an HR Department of One (HR DOO) is a daunting task - time is short, resources are limited, and constantly shifting priorities can be a major issue. HR DOOs are expected to think strategically, manage the full spectrum of HR responsibilities, and serve an entire organization, all while keeping up-to-date on everchanging regulations in the employment law landscape.

So, how do you elevate HR as a solo practitioner?
How can you balance strategy and operations?
How do you best demonstrate the value that
HR brings to your organization?

How You Will Benefit:

      • Use the framework of assess, build, map to create a realistic plan for analyzing and elevating HR in your organization
      • Define talent acquisition strategies that attract more quality candidates
      • Identify employee development, and employee and engagement strategies that impact employee retention
      • Assess your organizational culture and determine the role HR plays in maintaining and shaping culture
      • Determine the balance between strategy and operations in your approach to HR
      • Describe communication strategies for building effective relationships with business leaders

Stay tuned for more information on this unique opportunity!

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