Good Afternoon 2020 AHRMA Members and Guests,

Can you believe it’s already November? As we enter this season of thankfulness, I want each of you to know that YOU are an HR Hero! 
You may not wear a public servant uniform or have flashing lights and sirens on your vehicles, but you definitely serve on the front line in each of your respective organizations. All Human Resource professionals serve as the workforce’s Emergency Response Team. You put out fires, calm hostile situations, and offer aid and guidance to those who have been hurt.

YOU are the HR Hero!  You are my hero!

2020 has been hard. A Harvard Business Review article entitled How the Best Leaders Answer “What Are We Here for?” perfectly sums up our role as HR Leaders:

“The health of any business depends fundamentally on the health of society — or that piece of it which the business serves. Today, as the COVID-19 crisis continues, in parallel with an economic crisis, a crisis of inequality, and a climate crisis, the leader-as-activist role will only become more critical. The nature of their jobs will differ, but their purpose will be the same:  To outrun irrelevance by convening and listening to both central and marginal voices in the societies they serve, nurturing an ambition that far outstrips survival.”

YOU are the leader-as-activist. YOU are the HR Hero!

Thank you for continuing to serve in your place of work and in our community through these unprecedented times. The workplace needs you more than at any other time in the last 70 years.

Speaking of the last 70 years, it’s AHRMA's 70th Anniversary this year! Can you believe we started in 1950? Thank you for serving alongside me this year. I look forward to watching each of you continue to be the HR Hero!

This month’s announcements:

1. The Karl B. Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship recipients will be notified very soon and recognized at our December 16th meeting.  We doubled the funding to $4,000 and it is so rewarding to help our rising professionals fund their education.

2. Are you seeking a new job opportunity?  Check out our Career Board as it has been very active lately and currently has 5 jobs posted.

3. Some events to highlights:
      • AHRMA Happy Hour and Ugly Holiday Sweater Contest is on December 2nd.  We have 3 breakout rooms with specific topics so you get to be a part of a smaller group of professionals to dive deep into the issues and help each other.
      • We added an Educational Program for December 2nd featuring Tommy Simmons with the Texas Workforce Commission.  He will be providing the latest information on regular and extended unemployment benefits, new kinds of benefits created under the CARES Act, along with other topics, such as refusal to return to work and fraud. 
      • The final Educational Program for 2020, to be held on December 16th will feature Darlene Templeton, CEO and Founder of Templeton & Associates.  Darlene will guide us through creating an action plan to have Confidence During Chaos.  We will also be installing the 2021 AHRMA Board of Directors, recognizing retiring 2020 Board Members, recognizing the 2020 Stepping Stones to Leadership program graduates, awarding scholarships, and other year-end traditions.
4. For 2020, we made a promise to our members that all educational programing would be at no charge.  If these two educational programs will help You be the HR Hero in your organization, please sign up early.

To keep up with the latest events and program, please read our weekly e-blast emails, follow us on your favorite social media channels, and view our website often.

Wishing you and your family health and happiness always,

Lisa Blanton
2020 President
Austin Human Resource Management Association

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