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Austin SHRM provides a phased Mentor / Mentee program to all active Austin SHRM members.  There is NO COST to participate other than your time.  The phased approach provides a unique opportunity for experienced HR Leaders to meet 4-5 times with less experienced HR professionals over 4-month period.  To date, more than a hundred Austin SHRM members have benefited from this program with amazing results!

We are honored that Austin SHRM's Mentoring Program was featured in SHRM's HR Magazine.

Benefits of the program:

      • This program gives Mentors the opportunity to give back to the profession and get to know a rising HR star in the local Austin community.
      • Mentees will learn from experienced HR professionals in a comfortable environment and at their own pace.  They will work on their own specific goals and initiatives with their Mentor.
      • This is a FREE program for all current Austin SHRM members!

Program Details:

The program is separated into 2 phases per year, Fall and Spring, and each phase lasts 4 months. Topics covered by Mentors/Mentees are determined by the Mentee’s goals – it is targeted and focused. 

      • The focus of the program is on knowledge-sharing within a network of individuals who have a wealth of experience in the Human Resources field.
      • The Mentor and Mentee customize their own schedule of meetings and work towards goals they themselves have established.
      • Each pair is given the freedom to decide how often they would like to meet, where, when, and what their time will be focused on – it could be a meeting over lunch, or even a phone call!
      • Each Mentor / Mentee pair is carefully selected by the Mentor Committee to provide the best quality and outcomes.
      • A one-hour training program is provided to all participants to ensure that expectations are met, and best practices are shared.
      • Each phase will include a kickoff event to meet other participants and network with HR professionals in the Austin area.
      • This program includes HR professionals of all levels – from just getting started to executive level. Past phases have included VPs working with a Mentor on specific executive HR functions, and HR Managers who are HR departments of one.  The mentor committee works to ensure that all Mentees who want to participate get the opportunity to.

This program is NOT a free consultant service, a job search service, or an ongoing dependent relationship.  It is a specific partnership for a 4-month phase focused on specific HR duties and responsibilities or professionals’ goals and HR development.

Program Requirements:

In order to participate in the program, you must:

      • Be a current Austin SHRM member and maintain membership for the duration of the Phase.
      • Plan to remain actively involved in a Human Resources capacity for the entire duration of the Phase.
      • Commit to at least 4 meetings/calls with your partner.
      • Be working currently or have experience in human resources and recruiting.
      • Check in with our Professional Development committee throughout the program and/or participate in survey's.

Spring 2024 Program Dates:

Mentee and Mentor Application deadline: Wednesday, January 25, 2024
Kick Off Event: Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Mentoring sessions: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - May 31, 2024

Getting Started:
If you are interested in participating in the Mentoring Program as either a Mentor or Mentee, please click on the application links below.  A member of the Mentoring Committee will contact you with more information. For further questions, please contact our committee leaders at 

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