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What is Workforce Readiness?

Workforce readiness is ensuring new and returning workplace entrants are prepared to enter the workforce with the requisite knowledge, skills, abilities, and attributes in order to engage in endeavors that will be required in their respective occupations. Partnerships and alliances between educational institutions, governmental entities, nonprofits and employers assist in ensuring that these new and returning workforce entrants are sufficiently prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities they face in the workplace.

Why are HR Professionals the key to Workforce Readiness success?

Human Resource professionals are uniquely suited to address many of the challenges raised by workforce readiness issues. HR professionals can play a strategic role in assisting employers prepare standards for workforce skills, capabilities and attributes that the employer community needs. Additionally, the HR community can take the lead in building partnerships to articulate the need for developing rigorous standards, which can be shared throughout the business community and serve as a basis for advocacy of workforce readiness efforts. HR professionals can bring their skills to help develop programs to improve workforce readiness and to evaluate models and pilot programs to ensure their effectiveness and adaptability in meeting current needs and their ability to anticipate future needs. Finally, HR professionals bring and can develop the needed relationships with community organizations sponsoring the return to work of many select groups.

How does Workforce Readiness develop essential employability skills?

Where will HR professionals find the talent their organizations need now and for the future?  We all know there are plenty of applicants, but finding qualified applicants with the right skills is a challenge. Our Workforce Committee is diligently working to address the talent gap in our community by providing various Workforce Readiness Initiatives to find ways on how to recruit new workforce entrants, orient them for success and develop our workforce for today and tomorrow.

What are the primary areas of focus for the Workforce Readiness Committee?

  • Veterans & 2nd Chance Talent reentering the workforce and furthering their careers.

  • HR Professional in Transition. Supporting needs of HR professionals through networking and Volunteer opportunities, and introductions to the AHRMA Mentor/Mentee program.    

  • Development of a diverse future workforce through various initiatives.

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